Thursday, January 5, 2012

Surgery Done! On to new Musers!

So, last Tuesday I had a total hysterectomy and 1 ovary with a tumor larger than a grapefruit removed (ewwwwww).  Now I'm getting back to work (yayyy!!), and am feeling almost back to normal (thank you laparoscopy and robotic surgery!!).

Here are some photos of the latest Musers, pre-stuffing:

The 2 guys in the top left of this photo will never make it to Etsy because they are for my lil sis, who is preggers with twins! But if you like them, I can make more :).

Hamster Lump :)
The 2 for my sis!
Now I just need to get my stuffing on!


  1. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

  2. Thanks, Sweet Posey! It's been an amazingly speedy recovery so far. :)

  3. Get well soon.'ve been through the ringer! I love your etsy shop.....found you via etsy handmadology blog thread.

    Health and Happiness to ALL !