Friday, December 16, 2011

Man, I haven't posted in... forever! and Time to Celebrate, plus purple hair

We came back from our wonderful Thanksgiving trip, and I was so busy catching up with life that I completely forgot to blog!! Sorry about that.  I'm getting back on the blogging wagon as of right now :)

Last weekend, we had a "Halloween in December" birthday party for our youngest and I'll try to post some pic's soon. :)

Why I'm celebrating now: the Musers Etsy site hit 40 sales yesterday!! Woohooo! It's been a great adventure so far, and the goal for 2012 is to have at least 150 new sales!

Here are some recent items:

This is a custom puppy that was recently ordered.

This is a Secret Santa gift I made for an Etsy team member!

The Narwhal was purchased!
Now I want to make some smaller ones.

Guess what's in THESE envelopes! :)
Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday was also my birthday!  I dyed my hair purple to celebrate!
Here's how it came out:
Me a day before 37!
Wonder what color it'll be when I'm 73!


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your 40th sale! I hope you're rockin' a sweet hair-do and awesome art for a long time to come. :)

  2. Congrats! May they soon reach 400!

  3. OHMYGOD I want purple hair too :O

    actually I do have the urge to put cobalt blue streaks in the front of my hair. hee hee I can imagine the faces of my coworkers - they already think I'm strange :P

    Oh and congratz on the sales! You have such wonderful, colorful stuff! :)

  4. Loving the purple hair : ) I change my colour every season it seems, love it!

    Great work on 40 sales! And best of luck for 2012.

    Saying hello from Etsy!

  5. Thanks Ali; me too!

    Riorita, thanks!...but I don't want to know right now how long it'll Actually take to get to 400! :P

    Jennifer, thanks for the congrats and compliment! If work allows it (crazy hair), I say go for it! You should see some of the looks I get at our daughter's schools and at church! :D

    SisterBatik, thanks! If I were less lazy with my hair I'd change it more often too :).

    Merry Christmas and Good luck to all of you for 2012!!!