Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pears, Dolphins and T-Rexes, Oh My!

I'm pretty darn excited about the newest members of the Muser family!  Introducing Pear and Pear Mini!:

aka Poppa Pear!

aka Baby Pear!
I've had the design for a while, but was waiting on the perfect fabric.  What do you think?  Also, someone on Etsy recommended an easy way to make a white "light box" to take photos in, so I tried it out for these shots.  It's just 3 pieces of foam-core that I hot-glued together, then sat the "box" on a stool kinda close to a window in our living room, and angled it for pleasing light.  That's it!  And I only got one little blister from the hot glue gun :P.

Also, here is a dolphin I made for a recent birthday party:

Yes, this shot also features my knees :)

One more item to share!  A potential customer was interested in a T-rex stuffie, so here is what it's looking like so far:
Our 11yr old sd. to add a tooth, but I'm still debating it.


  1. I love the trex stuffie!! Adorable!

    --stopping by from etsy blog team

  2. Hi. I just found you via an etsy team....don't ask me which one since I belong to so many. Your adorable friends makes me want to go back to the time when my daughter was a little girl. I just love all of them.

    Happiness to you and everybody else for that matter !