Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine Musers and The Musers Pipeline

I've been working my booty off (I wish, with the booty part!) to get some new guys done in time for Valentine's day! They're not listed on Etsy yet, but here they are:
New Hartlys for Valentines!

And here's what I'm still working on:
Most here are still in need of stuffing!
Yay, more Hamsterlumps! :)
And lastly, here are the last 2 orders I shipped (I had a little extra fun on the envelopes this time):
My first order of more than 2 at once!

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes with the surgery recovery!  I'm basically back to normal (for me, anyway) now (yay!).  So, back to the stuffing for me :).

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