Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Reasons Why I'm SO EXCITED!!

One (and much more important than the 2nd!!) is that we found out yesterday that my sister (there's just the 2 of us siblings, and we're 11 yrs. apart) is pregnant (1st time) with TWINS!!!  Oh wait, I guess it should be THREE reasons!

Here's the 1st photo of the little peanuts!:

And Second (make that third), is that sales at the Musers site is really starting to pick up!  I've made 6 sales in the last 5 days, which is a new record for the Musers!!  Of course, now I've really got to start picking up speed with making them, but that's the kind of problem I'd much rather have!

This weekend, I'm working on a set of three little lump gals, designing a turtle (it'll be my first), making some new kitties, a puppy, and a big drip, and trying to design some business cards for that upcoming local Craft Festival.

Back to work (and watching football!)!

This is Ophelia.  She's a new "inspired" addition to the Musers family.
You can see more about her here:Ophelia on Etsy



  1. Twins! That's so exciting! Congratulations to her :) And also, congrats on your etsy sales...every single one is still exciting for me :D
    I'm following you from the etsy blog team..nice to meet you!

  2. nice to meet you too!
    I'm now also following your adorable blog!