Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Peek at My Weekend

So, it was a sketching, cutting, pinning (I tend to over-pin, as you can see), sewing weekend over here!  I'm still trying to bump up my inventory a little bit so I've got a bunch to put on the table at the Craft Fair this coming Saturday.

There's kitties, curlies, a puppy, a ram, and a pig all on the work table (aka dining room table; my hubbie's computer is on the other end!) here.  I also just finished a new one for the "Inspired Series" and will try to photo and post it tomorrow.

Also, here are a few links I'd love to share: - This great artist put her "Inspired" Muser "Fallingturtle" on her cool blog!

Another wonderful artist did a feature on me here -

The original "Guys" artist put the Musers version on her FB here -

Oh, I also got a custom order to make a plush (and permissioned!) version of the "Bubblegum Gals" (also by the great artist of the "Guys").  Here's how they turned out:

And here's a link to the Original Bubblegum Gals on Etsy:

 Now back to working on designing some business cards!

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