Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Month Anniversary!

It's the Muser's Etsy 2 month Anniversary!!  Whew, what a hectic two months it's been!

As of this morning, the Musers Etsy site has had 19 sales, which is more than hoped (or planned) for from looking at similar shop's stats.  I researched it before opening, so as not to get my hopes or expectations up too high, and many shops have to wait at least a month for their first sale.  So, celebration is in order!!  I'll be doing this by sewing (maybe while dancing!) :). 

It's been a lucky and blessed two months!  Thank You to my Facebook friends and fans, Blog followers, and of course Etsy customers, for your support and love! (and sweet Hubby for dealing with the ever-constant Muser mess I've made of the house!)

Here's to a bright Musers future!
This is Fallingturtle!  See more about her HERE. :)


  1. Congrats!! I actually waited two months just for my first sale! :P

    (Also, love the spots on that turtle)

  2. Great job with the 19 sales! I hope to get a very small fraction of this in my first two months! I just opened a new shop :)


  3. thanks guys!
    As soon as I saw that green fabric with the sketchy swirls, I had to have it!