Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Upcoming Musers Sneak Peek, and a few orders shipped!

How many times can I mean to do a blog post, even take pic's specifically for it, and still forget to do it?  Evidently many many times.  BUT, here I am, trying to make up for it.  Maybe it's so (after thinking a bit too much) I can tell myself that I don't have that many followers because I don't post enough, and NOT because what I post is a bit repetitive and kinda boring.  If I keep posting sporadically, I'll never have to face that possibility! :P

Anyway, here's what's coming up:
new kitties
(there's also 3 more sleepy ones that weren't ready for the photo)

new spotted puppies!
And here are some of the last orders shipped:
These were ordered as party favors!
The snail was for the birthday boy!

I'm also currently working on 3 more Narwhals!
Time to make another Octopus :)
The next post should include images of my new niece and nephew!  I did their birth announcements, and a few shots for fun!


  1. Your goodies are simply divine! I go through the same blogging dilema! Keep trucking! we'll get to that million follower mark soon enough ;)

  2. you pieces are absolutely adorable!!

  3. Cute update! I especially love the work in progress posts!

  4. I love the narwhal! I love narwhals, but I don't have any toy narwhals. Are you selling those? If you are then I'm totally going to get some cats for my sisters birthdays in August and January. I'm also going to ask for the narwhal for my birthday! Please say that they're for sale!