Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Musers in La

So, I've been in Louisiana for the last week and a half, helping out with my sister's new twins! They were born last Wednesday; Simon at 6lbs 9oz and 19.5" and Aubrey at 5lbs 5oz and 18.25". They and their mom are doing great!

I've been attempting to make new Musers between feedings and rocking (and a few diapers, but I'm trying to avoid those!). Working on new Eggbunnies, Curlies, A new T-Rex, etc.

My awesome hubbie is shipping out the current Muser orders, and doing a great job! I just wish I could still draw on the packages and write the thank you notes that are usually sent with each package :(

I'll be heading back home in about a week, so am trying to help out And get my fill of little tiny babies now!


  1. Oh so cute ... a lot of work for your sister, but well worth it. My mom had twins, they were fourth and fifth child ... what a surprise for them. Back then they had to make their own formula ... oh, my wonderful parents they were so unselfish and hard-working.

    Love to all.

    1. Cute twins - must be more twins in the family?
      Uncle Dana